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The boudoir experience starts as soon as you book your boudoir session. Once you're booked in I will give you a phone call consultation. We discuss what made you want to book the session and what your goals are that you hope to see from the session. We will discuss what your levels of comforts are and if you’ll be joining with a partner or by yourself. We will than start talking specifics regarding you session. Once all the details are discussed we will plan and set up for the session. At the session you will find yourself walking into a beautifully lit home studio with hints of relaxing scents with music of your choice. You will meet the crew and prepare for your hair and makeup. We supply non-alcoholic beverages and snacks of your choice. Once you’re all ready and your first outfit is on we will start capturing your beautiful body in the most artistic, flattering ways with easy to follow directions. You have the options to shoot in lingerie, nude, and sheets so we capture a wide variety of images for you to choose from. Once the session is over and I am confident we got the perfect images I will let you get dressed and you will have one hour to go for lunch. When you return we will go over the lightly touched up images and choose the finals you would like to purchase. I will then take payments for the products and finalized the purchase. Once our session is finalized I will start working on editing and perfecting your images. Products are delivered to you within 6-8 weeks after your session and includes a thank you gift! 

(All returning clients get 20% off future full price sessions!)

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